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Hey there, my name's Trajche Kocev (you can call me TK), and I started my copywriting career in February 2020.

Before I started with copywriting, I was working in a mobile store as a salesperson.

I had 0 sales experience prior to starting my salesperson job, but even though I had 0 experience, I became the second-highest-paid employee in JUST 3 months because of my sales skill.

During my 1 year and 6 months stay at this job, I managed to sell 80% of the phones that the other employees couldn't do in 3+ years.


I managed to sell a phone produced in 2015 in 2019 for the price of a phone produced in 2019 by only using reverse psychology which, funnily enough, I had no idea it was a thing until 2020.


After I saw my sales skills, I wanted to improve them, and in October 2019 I quit my job to pursue sales and copywriting.

Since then, I've worked with many 6, 7, and 8-figure brands and even Hitachi Energy whose parent company is an 11-figure company ($57B market cap).

I also helped my clients generate over $650k in sales.


On top of that, I've worked for and...

Now I'm on a mission to help 7 & 8-figure businesses get MORE clients from their email lists.

In simple words, if you have an email list and want to get more clients from it, I can help you.

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